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PhD Matters, Ltd empowers individuals, groups, organizations, and communities to live flourishing work lives through productive dialogue and planning.

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Let's Talk about Life

We make educational, informational, and conversational games for reflection and talking to others about what you do in life, not just for a living.


Check out lifespotluck.com, online home of our game LIFE'S POTLUCK BUFFET

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Let's Talk One-on-One

Our inclusive and accessible people-centered career and work life planning and advising for individuals focuses on your core strengths. We specialize in listening to what you are saying to empower you get to where you need and want to be.

Let's talk if you are

  • Negotiating a job search

  • Prioritizing and ordering what you do in life

  • Transitioning mid- or late-career

  • Planning your retirement activities or a second career

  • Enhancing your current business

  • Thinking about a new business or organization

All individual consultation services are performed remotely.


Let's Talk Together

We lead fun and empowering life and livelihood development workshops and one-on-one conversations with participants.

Let's talk if you offer wish to offer our programming as a

  • Professional Advancement Organization​

  • Society, Interest Group, or Club

  • Community Organization

  • Business Organization

  • Education Sector Organization

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Let's Talk about Work Culture

Advising organizations and institutes in all sectors on equitable and inclusive work culture, we specialize in programmatic and organizational-level planning.


Let's talk if your organization wants to put its people first.

Let's Talk

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