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Empowering humanities and social sciences PhDs to make a change for the better through our work in the not-for-profit, public, and private sectors.

John Paulas PhD
Professional and business consulting for individual PhDs
Staffing and recruiting for
companies and organizations 
Community- and competency-building programs for universities

You accomplished something great with your PhD, and now it's time to translate your vision into gainful and satisfying work that makes a difference for others.

Discover how experts in arts, culture, society, and history enhance the quality of your company or organization's work.

Host workshops and learn how to develop programs that reconnect your PhD community and help your students figure out the way forward.

John Paulas, PhD, president and founder

Let me know whether you are thinking about your next step, looking to develop roles for PhDs in your organization, or interested in discussing a seminar or an event. If you believe these services are right for you, we can work together remotely or in person.